“I just found this site and read all the post through March. I am really sorry for all the pain and discomfort all of you have been experiencing, as a result of having your gallbladder removed.

My mother-in-law who will be 87 next month, had her gallbadder removed about one year ago, and has been in more pain ever since. Especially in the mornings, and sometimes last all day. Every morning pain in her lower abdomen, nauseous and loss of appetite. She has gone to the emergency room several times because of the pain. Many tests have been run, the only answer that she is getting now, is that the pain is caused from the incision.

Is there any hope that this pain will go away and she will be able to eat and enjoy food again? She is normally a very healthy, active, living life to the fullest kind of person. This has become a nightmare for all of us who love her and are watching her suffer.

What kind of foods help/or aggrevate? Anything, more you can share with me would be greatly appreciated. Looking for answers to help.

I love my “”mom”” and you would too if you met her[:)] …chris ”