“Like so many other people, I am SO glad that I found this website. I had my gall bladder removed -via emergency surgery – in Feb. of this year (2012). I was told by many people, including my doctors, that I would feel so much better after this surgery. But I didn’t. Instead, the pain continued much as it had before the surgery. I found other blogs on the internet that dealt with that subject.
But I’m still dealing with the bloating — sometimes it’s more of a problem than others, but I haven’t yet found the common denominator in the foods I’m eating that seems to cause it. However, I know that less meat/more vegetables is a healthy diet anyway, so I’m going to start trying that approach — along with the digestive enzymes.
Again, I’m so glad I found this website – it’s really frustrating to eat right and exercise and then sometimes look like you’re pregnant! Major bummer. Hopefully, this new approach will work –
Good luck to all – ”