Hi everyone! Sorry to hear all the bad experiences, but glad I’m not crazy!! I had my gall bladder removed almost 3 months ago & the diarhea is NEVER-ENDING, unfortunately. I gained a nice 21 pounds since my surgery. I went back to the Emergency Department recently with severe abdominal pain that was as intense as when my gall bladder acted up (my surgeon told me I had the worst gangreen infected gall bladder he had ever seen – I looked at pics online after geeting home from 4 days in the hospital & they were absolutely disgusting & horrifying). Anyway, a nurse at the ER told me that after gall bladder removal men tend to lose weight while women tend to gain weight; she said she wasn’t sure why though. And, I was told my body would regulate after 2-3 weeks, which has proven untrue. Btw, found out in ER I had a bacterial infection in my intestines, caused by taking very strong antibiotics for a tooth infection. An awesome nurse I had in the hospital after surgery told me that the doctors don’t & won’t tell you the whole story, so he shared with me that some people’s systems regulate after the 2-3 week period, whereas other people will never tolerate fatty foods without the diarhea as an adverse effect. He did say there is a medication you can take that helps produce bile in the system (which the gall bladder is no longer there to produce) which will bind to the fat in your system so that the body can properly absorb it. The reason for the diarhea, he said, is that bile binds to the fat in our bodies & without that bile, the fat goes straight through us, hence, diarhea. I don’t know what the medicine is called, but I’m sure if you talk to your primary care provider he or she will know. I hope that’s helpful to someone! One more thing, every doctor or nurse I’ve talked to since the surgery says the diarhea has nothing to do with th gall bladder removal – I mean, come on! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????