Sorry this is long. I just turned 22. I have never had weight problems and don’t “fit the mold” for having gallstones. I guess that is why it took a year of throwing up and going to the doctor before they finally did an ultrasound and found that I had gallstones. I did not have pain associated with the stones, just nausea and vomiting. After I had my gallbladder removed, I started experiencing pain in my upper right side…Pain similar to post-op pain. It lasts for several days and then goes away. I went back to my surgeon who said to take aspirin and it would go away. Ha! Nothing helps when I have this pain…And it lasts for several days. I starting going to another doctor who took me seriously. She scheduled several tests and found that my bile duct was enlarged. She thought I might have a sphincter of oddi dysfunction. She referred me to a gastroenterologist who performed an ercp. During the procedure, they found my bile duct to be twisted. They checked for a tumor but did not see anything at that time. They clipped my sphincter of oddi so that there would be a steady flow of bile out of my duct and removed sludge from my duct. Of course, I developed pancreatitus after the procedure. A couple of months without pain followed the ercp. It was great! And then it all came back. Sometimes it is accompanied with nausea and vomiting. The doctor put me on celebrex for a little while. The pain went away for a while, but now it’s back. While it used to occur only once or twice a month, recently, the pain has started once a week (and lasts for three to four days). The doctor put me on nexium. The pain came back. Has anyone experienced anything similar? I am so frustrated. Is there anyone out there with advice or a similar experience? Please let me know.