“Hey folks, I usually post on the ibs site. Started out here in May of 07 following gb removal. Was sick with globus and burning chest pain for a long time. One dr said acid reflux another said no. That went on as I worked my way through too many of them. Globus has resolved but pain around LES and Barrett’s has begun. Metaplasia from the non-existent reflux is creeping into my esphagus. Most drs said I had no problem – this gastro showed me the pictures. So what were they all about. Even he failed to do a complete test by not doing biopsies of esophagus for esophagitus. Since he is one of those that said I didn’t have reflux I guess he didn’t want to prove himself wrong. He can’t explain how I could develop Barrett’s without reflux.

As to the bile versus acid issue. I literally had someone at Cornell in NY tell me they don’t do bile. What the h…. could that possibly mean. They don’t recognize it as a potential relux agent. And anyway according to this physician on staff there’s not much you can do about it . It’s a political issue between the gastros and the surgeons. The surgeons will talk to you about it but don’t expect a gastro to be so interested. So in this large prestigious institution you only get ppi’s and a shrug when you mention bile.

As far as the metaplasia is concerned as long as it is not dysplasia they don’t get overly excited. Like let’s just watch and see if it grows closer to cancer. Come back in a yr or three and we will look again. My test was done on Monday of this wk and I’m still processing the implications and trying to decide how to remain sane. As for reflux, I never had any that I know of until the gb went bye bye.”