“Hello, I had my gallbladder removed on Feb. 22, 2007.
After having pain under my right rib cage and like a full or bloated feeling also under my rib cage, and severe pain in right shoulder front and back. Nausea and vomitting for 5 days prior. ER Doc found a gallstone and surgery was scheduled the next morning. Surgery went as scheduled. This is now day 11, eating has not been a problem . I have been able to eat anything I want since day after surgery. Obviously I am still sluggish, but I believe most of that is anestia. It takes along time for that stuff to leave your body. I do get soreness in my upper armes and shoulders and a contant ache in my back just under my rib cage/ shoulder blade area on the right side. I have had people tell me this does not go away. I’m going to get a massage and see if that helps.
As with any surgery there are risk. I feel fortunate that for the most part I have come thru the surgery healthy. I have read horror storys and my girlfrend who had lap coly 3 years ago had her stomach lining puntured while looking for a lost gall stone and was in the hospital 26 day. My stay was 24 hours.”