“Unfortunately, i had my gall bladder out when i was just 17.
i am now 23 and still feeling the effects- I have not had such good luck.
I am constantly nauseated, extremely exhausted, i have hot and cold flushes constantly, i have heartburn, regular reflux and each morning begins with me emptying my stomach of all the extra acid that built up over night- this continues through the day.
Only the Plus side i have lost 40kg and kept it off.
I have found that if i keep away from processed, creamy, spicy and fatty foods (basically anything that tastes nice!) i manage to keep my extra acid levels to a minimum- although i ALWAYS feel nauseated and tired.
I am a Swimming coach + instructor, so i exercise regularly- when my stomach isn’t too upset that is!
The only thing that i have found that helps is taking an anti-acid table just before i got to bed.
I have seen COUNTLESS doctors in regards to this matter, none of which have been able to help me. ”