Hi, I am 3 weeks post lap chole and still having issues. I am having dull and sharp pains under my ribs and my back. I had my follow up last week. Surgeon said I was healing fine, she thinks its just post op pain, and did not want to write me another script for pain meds. She advised me to come back if the pain persists. That same night the pain got unbearable and also included my lower abdomen and hurt like hell when I went to the restroom. I have had quite a few UTIs in the past and thought, great, now I’m also getting a UTI on top of the post op pain. So, I went to my PCP and explained my issues. He told me it could be post op pain, and also a kidney infection/stones. He sent my urine off for culture and scheduled a CT. I am now just waiting for results. He also wrote me a script for pain meds, thank god. I am in pain for most of the day ever since my surgery, wether it be in my stomach, or back, or both. Reading all of these posts is a slight relief to know it isn’t just me, but leaves me wondering if I will ever find out the cause. Has anyone had any success? I would really like some help/answers. I am hoping to get my results back soon, and hopefully know more. Please respond or reply. Any thoughts or info would be greatly appreciated!