“28 years old and feeling much older sometimes.

I have endometriosis. Had it diagnosed, then removed (two surgeries within one year, 2005).

Then I still had pain… Sonogram report said polyp. 5 Doctors I talked to all said, “”Remove the gallbladder”” (third surgery within two years of first, on December 15,2006).
Turns out the polyp was a whole bunch of cleverly disguised stones.

Now, over a year later, I feel as if I have the gallbladder pain again. I’m on the toilet within 10 minutes of eating most things, and I’m just very frustrated at hearing IBS.

IBS should stand for “”It’s Bull Shit”” considering that it’s just a name they give your problems until they figure out what’s REALLY wrong.

Now, I’m worried that I’ll need yet another surgery for stones in bile ducts.

Not to mention the wonderful feeling of Anal Fissures while I’m already experiencing the discomfort of the explosions. (BTW, that’s another one my doctor wants to do surgery for…).

I don’t regret having my gallbladder out, because I had at least one attack. It was extremely painful. Don’t need that again.

I DO regret the way our bodies won’t forgive past issues. Getting something one time doesn’t always mean you’re safe. Sometimes it means chances of another occurrence go up”