I had my gallbladder and appendix taken out last october 2008 at the same time. I have had more pain since than then ever. I have been diagnosed with diverticulitus and have been to 3 doctors since my gallbladder was taken out. I have horrible pain from below my breasts down to my lower stomach and no doctor can seem to figure out what is wrong with me. I just went to a specialist last week and yesterday I had a CT Scan done on me from below my breasts down to my lower stomach and of course again they see nothing wrong. I have been told in the past month that my red blood cells were elevated (which was from the first set of blood tests) then a month later more blood tests and now they tell my my liver enzymes are highley elevated. I went to my family physician today and saw nothing wrong with my ct scan. I am in constant pain. I have not been able to work for the last 2 months except for maybe 1 to 2 days of a week and some weeks not at all. In order for me to work from home doing the job I do I have to be diagnosed, which no doctor has been able to tell me whats wrong. Today my doctor put me on steroids and told me they don’t know what is wrong with me. So, if I can’t be diagnosed, then I can’t work from home. In the mean time, I live alone, I have no income coming in and I am about to lose everything. All the while these doctors can’t figure out. I am so desperate that I cryed and begged my boss to fire me one day so atleast within a couple of weeks I could get unemployment. I can’t file for disability either until I am diagnosed. I cry all the time and freak out which makes me hurt worse about my financial situation now. It just seems no one can help me. I have tried everything!