postcholecystectomy - sphincter of oddi dysfunction

Truth – People with gallbladder removed are most likely to develop sphincter of Oddi dysfunction (SOD)

“Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction (SOD) is characterized by symptoms of pancreaticobiliary obstruction in the absence of other structural causes. … SOD is seen in 1% of patients after cholecystectomy, but in 14%-23% of patients with the post–cholecystectomy syndrome (biliary pain with elevated liver enzymes)” Its prevalence in the general population is 1.5%[1]. SOD is seen in 1% of patients after cholecystectomy, but in […]

PCS Sphincter of Oddi- A root cause and treatment solution – cystic duct remnants

A patients success story “I had surgery two weeks ago and wanted to give everyone an update. However, before I get into my results I want to discuss Deb’s message. When I shared the EPISOD study that showed Type III SOD didn’t have a good response to dual sphinctertotomy I wasn’t trying to put down […]