Unnecessary Surgery done specific on Women

Not just greed, but also evil – doctors have no limit.

Need to mention also that there are rogue doctors who fabricate non-existent diseases, including non-existent cancer to find easy prey to be exploited as guinea pigs at teaching and public hospitals for surgeons-in-training and experimenting with new equipment.

Sanctioned Violence Against Women: “fraud in the inducement”

by Nora W. Coffey – USA – What do you call it when someone deceptively lures another into danger? And if the deception involves telling a woman she’ll be “better than ever” to lure her into being drugged and strapped down before cutting out her sex organs, what would you call that? Maybe female genital mutilation comes […]

Doctors Perform Thousands of Unnecessary Surgeries: Are You Getting One of Them?

Story at-a-glance According to a USA Today review of government records and medical databases, tens of thousands of patients undergo unnecessary surgery each and every year Among the most commonly performed unnecessary surgeries are cardiac angioplasties, pacemakers, back surgery, knee and hip surgeries, hysterectomy and Cesarean sections Diagnostic errors are also problematic and may account […]

The #1 Surgery Women Don’t Need: Hysterectomy

The #1 Surgery Women Don’t Need: Hysterectomy There was a time when doctors didn’t think much about removing a woman’s uterus. After all, once women were done having children, did they really need it? But there are newer treatments with fewer side effects and long-term consequences that are forcing doctors to consider the role of […]

Unnecessary surgery on Woman : Submission B Unnecessary Hysterectomies

unnecessary hysterectomies…. Feel free to share this information… In 1945, at a gynaecological convention, a speaker said: “Hysterectomy is a racket, where the majority were done for dubious reasons at best, and non-existent reasons at worst”… BOOKS ON MEDICAL ABUSE AGAINST WOMEN, UNNECESSARY HYSTERECTOMIES AND DANGEROUS MEDICINE… written by gynaecologists, doctors, Investigative Journalists, and from […]


MEN WHO CONTROL WOMEN’S HEALTH.. Diana Scully   KIRKUS REVIEW Scully, a medical sociologist, has taken a long hard look at the training of obstetrician/gynecologists and found it sorely wanting: it emphasizes aggressive intervention in childbirth and the reproductive organs, she charges, and creates an ideal climate for exploitation. Scully accompanied OB/GYN residents at their […]

Surgeon Dr. Hodad “hands of death and destruction”

When Dr. Marty Makary was a medical student, staffers at the Boston hospital where he was training had a nickname for one of its most popular surgeons: Dr. Hodad. “Hodad” is an acronym for “hands of death and destruction”: Despite his Ivy League credentials and board certification, the surgeon had an unfortunate tendency to botch […]

Unnecessary surgery on Woman : Submission A

 Dr. Mendelsohn described it the best, that most women have been conditioned by their doctors, and added we’ve all been brainwashed to believe the female sex organs have no value, doctors even refer to them as “reproductive organs” in women, but not men. Women have been led astray to believe that it’s nothing more than a […]