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Can You Guess the Most Common Misdiagnoses for Celiac Disease?

The fact that celiac disease is commonly misdiagnosed will come as little surprise to anyone who’s ever gone through what can often be a long, circuitous process of getting diagnosed. Celiac symptoms can be vague, and can mirror symptoms fem numerous other conditions. Even though celiac awareness is improving, and blood screens are becoming more […]

Gluten Intolerance and Gallbladder Attack – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Gluten is a form of protein, which is native to plant sources of carbohydrates like rye, barley, and wheat. It is the compound that gives the dough its elasticity and chewiness. Chemically speaking, gluten is a form of complex protein that is formed by chains and links of intermediate proteins glutenin, gliadin, and 12 other […]

What’s the difference between celiac disease, gluten intolerance, non-celiac gluten sensitivity and wheat allergy?

  We use “gluten intolerance” when referring to the entire category of gluten issues: celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity and wheat allergy. Celiac disease is an inherited autoimmune disorder that affects the digestive process of the small intestine. “Non-celiac gluten sensitivity” (what many call “gluten intolerance”) causes the body to mount a stress response (often […]


This Q&A was designed to help you better understand non-celiac gluten sensitivity and what sets it apart from celiac disease and wheat allergies. What is non-celiac gluten sensitivity? Non-celiac gluten sensitivity has been coined to describe those individuals who cannot tolerate gluten and experience symptoms similar to those with celiac disease but yet who lack […]

Dr. Fasano on Leaky Gut Syndrome and Gluten Sensitivity

Multiple research studies have linked gluten to the condition known as intestinal permeability – AKA –Leaky Gut Syndrome.  I recently had the privilege of speaking with one of the leading gluten sensitivity researchers in the world, Dr. Alessio Fasano.  He is the head of research at the University of Maryland Celiac Research Center, and he is […]

What is Celiac disease

Celiac disease is a genetic disorder affecting children and adults. People with celiac disease are unable to eat foods that contain gluten, which is found in wheat and other grains. In people with celiac disease, gluten sets off an autoimmune reaction that causes the destruction of the villi in the small intestine. People with celiac […]

The Link Between Gallbladder Disease and Gluten Sensitivity by The Paleo Mom

As many of you may have heard on Facebook, this week is Gallbladder week on our site. We’d intended to get this post up yesterday on our usual Guest Post day, but our site crashed by something I (Stacy) did trying to optimize it. This is why we leave the tech stuff to Matt… After […]

How to Enjoy Bacon without a Gallbladder

I spent the entirety of my pre-pubescent life as a vegetarian. Looking back, I’m horrified by the Not Dogs, Tofu Bacon and LoveBurger I consumed. I remember being disgusted as I watched my mother make LoveBurger: a box of bird seed, a bottle of ketchup and a wish and a prayer it’d be edible after […]

Weakness in legs & Celiac Disease

  I think having leg weakness and pain is common to celiac. It comes in my opinion from an inabilty to produce and absorb b vitamins as well as vitamin d from the compromised villi. I think of this problem of aching legs and feet as being genetically and coeliac induced Beri Beri. I have […]