I had my gallbladder removed on 8/7/09 (3 weeks ago today) and I agree that the recuperation time is not a breeze as people make it out to be. The first 4 days are definitely the worst as far as pain and nausea, feeling weak, and very bloated and like someone beat your stomach over and over again. By the end of week 1, I could drive but would get tired fast. 10 days after was feeling much better as far as walking around and sitting in my sedentary job….but still uncomfortable. I didn’t attempt to wear jeans until 13 days later and it felt uncomfortable and some pain. I think it was too soon. It’s now 21 days after and I can wear jeans only if they are my bigger jeans. I feel I’m still bloated, bigger in the waste area and am gaining weight…..just not feeling comfortable enough to do exercising. In addition some other post op symptoms are back pains, chest pains that I guess are indigestion, my throat is very sensitive now to cold air (like the ac in my car or house) and that has never been the case. I had the soar throat right after the surgery because of something they put down my throat during the procedure but it’s weird that now I’m left with a very very sensitive throat to cold air. I think it will take a few more weeks before feeling back to normal 😉 But I’m getting there! Wish you all well! 😛