I had my gallbladder removed in January 2013. I was scared to do this procedure because I had never had surgery before, but the doctor assured me everything would be fine. Reading all of these comments actually made me realize that I do get diarrhea after I eat. I didn’t think much of that until now! I had gallbladder removed due to too much soft drinks, which caused the gallstones!! Sodas are so bad for you! I did change my lifestyle after surgery. I workout everyday, but have noticed I’ve been gaining weight rather than losing! So weird! It’s so difficult to lose weight for me anyway. I want to see a doctor about that, but like a lot of other people have no insurance, and on top of that still paying gallbladder surgery! Another thing I noticed when I had the gallstones was that I would break out in hives like CRAZY! When I would sweat, be cold, after eating something, which I really blame it on the gallstones because never in my life had I broken out with hives until diagnosed with gallstones! Then again everything was wrong with me at that time, I lost a lot of weight, my hair was falling, due to not eating much, since I was scared I would get the pain again, and I just felt the life sucked out of me period! A true reality check! Now, I feel so much better, healthier, and best of all don’t have to deal with that awful pain, but like all others I do feel that there should be a gallbladder transplant. It just doesn’t feel right not having an organ that you basically were born with!! Either way, I’m thankful that I’m still alive and get to enjoy watching my son grow up.