“I had my gall bladder removed and went home the next morning. 3 days later woke up feeling yuck with indigestion then the most horrid pain that I’ve ever experienced. I was clammy, hot, sweating and got my husband to get an ambulance. I felt I had a stone stuck and thought the hospital would sort me out straight away.
I had xrays and got moved to a ward on morphine which didn’t touch the pain. I had an ultra scan and they decided I had constipation. I was given something to get rid of the constipation which stopped my guts working. At last the pain went away after a night running to the loo and on oramorph. told a dr in the middle of the night nothing was touching the pain. Anyway I got seen by some dr’s who realised my bowel wasn’t working and ordered a CT scan. Waiting from 9 am to 2 pm someone told my surgeon I was in. By this time I had given up and was waiting to die. I had pneumonia a large stomach and unable to wee. The surgeon came to see me and told me he would have me in surgery straight away. I had 5 days iv antiboitics and a drain in for 5 days. I was going to have a stent if the drain didn’t work. The surgeon said he couldn’t find the leak which I find hard to believe but I had a lot of bile poisoning me. I did make a quick recovery but I do wonder if treating me for constipation almost killed me. Now 3 weeks later I’m getting fed up that I still don’t feel great. No energy etc and wonder if this is because I was so ill.”