“First off, I work in surgery, so for you who are concerned about the clips, let me explain how they work. I am not discounting the possibility that you may be allergic to the metal clips, but that’s is how the procedure is done. The gallbladder has to be disconnected from the bile duct, and the cystic artery. Once these 2 are identified, they are clipped and cut. If they are not clipped, you would either bleed to death, or you would become septic and die from all the bile leaking into your system. The only other alternative is to be cut on( a huge cut across your upper abdomen,and the gallbladder taken out that way, in which case the duct and artery can be tied off with absorable suture( surgeons sometimes still use the clips even in an open procedure).

Second of all, Gallstones are not formed in the gallbladder, they are formed in the liver. If you are suffering from gallstones, and have your gallbladder removed, and are still having the same symptoms, then you have not rid yourself of the gallstones in your liver, and you will continue to hurt, and experience the same problems. Even if you have no stones in your gallbladder, chances that you have them in your liver are pretty good, you must have them removed. I have suffered with gallstones since early this year, and are scheduled for gallbladder surgery friday at noon. The reason? For years I have ate what I wanted to, and disregarded the implications of such irresponsible beharior. My gallbadder functions at 32%. If you are still suffering, please try this. Go to www.************ liver and gallbladder cleanse, and go to DR Clarks recipe for ridding your body of gallstones. I give you my word it works, as my ultrasound today proved, I had no gallstones. I have done his cleanse 5 times, and rid my body of at least 1000 gallstones, now I just have the pain of a non functioning gallbladder. the ingredients for the cleanse are less than 20 bucks, and might solve your pain problems. Good luck. God speed on your healing.”