“I had the same issues, post gall bladder surgery.
I KNEW the surgery caused it.. the onset was that sudden and that severe.

I went to multiple doctors, and FINALLY told this one young man I WAS NOT LEAVING HIS OFFICE UNTIL HE GAVE ME SOMETHING THAT WOULD HELP. 🙂
(pardon the screaming, but that’s how insistent I was… LOL)

Right in front of me this young man went throught his RX catalog repeatedly, back and forth, with a puzzled look…
then laughed and prescribed Questran.. (I think… I had to later ask for a pill, because I’d been prescribed it 3x a day, and it was tough to take at work.)
The difference was phenominal. I went from 1-2 hours of constant severe cramps and diarrea (diarrhea) after every meal, or even snack if I tried to skip the meal and just go with SOMETHING on the stomach… to EVERY NOW and then, I get sick for a little while.
I take Cholestid now, and any time I go to a new doctor (medical plans change) I have to explain yet again why I’m taking it, and that they better NOT try to not renew that RX.. 🙂 (I’m usually not an isistent or threatening type either.. LOL)
I take one first thing in the AM, sleep for another hour, then get up and have a NORMAL day… I only take the one a day, even though my RX says 3 times.
Every now and then I might get diarrea (diarrhea) still, but I take an OTC fix for it, and I’m fine again. I still consider it a 100% success, and I think it’s criminal that doctors advise the gall-bladder removal and tell ou there are ‘No adverse side effects’ to it’s removal, even after you come in WITH those side-effects. ”