“I’ve been suffering for over seven years. My gall bladder was removed and it helped a bit but it did not alleviate the other pains. After seven years and many, many doctors, my blood was test for many issues including arthritis and vitamin D deficiencies.

My vitamin D levels were so low that the doctor had me take a supplement of 1000 IUCs, 400 is the average adult dosage. After doing a search I found that vit d helps the body ingest calcium among other things.

After taking vit D for a few months, I’ve noticed my skin is tighter. My joints do not hurt anywhere what they did. My nails and teeth feel stronger and whiter. My hair does not look old, dry and brittle.

I haven’t had but a little bit of discomfort in my stomach. Now I just have to figure out how am I going to lose the 50 pounds I’ve gained. It seems my metabolism is shot it does not matter what I try to lose the weight. I went from a size 7 to to 14 and I’m so frustrated. If anyone has any ideas please, please let me know.