“Hi everyone,

I know this is an older thread but I figured I would post for anyone web searching out there, like I was. I had my gallbladder removed via single insicion lappy through my belly button about a month ago. after my surgery I noticed right off the bat that I was on the constipated side. The only thing my surgeon told me was to stay away from spicy and fatty foods for a week and then I could go ahead and eat whatever I wanted. after the week was up I went for it and ate a super fatty dinner. I handled it fine, which was great. However after that night whenever I would eat, I would noticed that I would start to bloat up about thirty minutes after a meal. Not as exreme as some of you…but enough that it wa visibly noticeable and enough that I would have to unbutton my pants to be comfortable. After dinner was usually the worst and I would bloat and wake up during the night from the gas pains which were extremely uncomfortable. I have eaten steaks twice since my suregery and both times I had EXTREME gas pains that were almost worst than my gallbladder attacks!

After some extensive web searching, like i’m sure most of you have been doing, I came across a few sites that suggested taking digestive enzymes. They explained that since we no longer have our gallbladders it is harder for us to break down and digest fats and proteins and just about everything. When you eat a fatty meal or really any meal the gallbladder had been holding bile and after your meal it would release one big spurt of bile to help you digest. Now that we don’t have it it kind of just trickles in and doesn’t do as good of a job digesting and the under digestive food causes gas and bloating. (from what I have read) I went to GNC after reading some reviews and bought their “” Super digestive enzymes.”” It was the best 14 dollars I have ever spent. I have been taking it for a week now and after the second night I have no bloating and no gas. I actually feel normal again and I can keep my pants buttoned all day! I take one after breakfast, one after lunch and two after dinner. Last night I put it to the test and my husband made fried pork chops, cesar salad and baked potatoes with a ton of cheese and sour cream. I slept like a baby, no waking up from bloating and gas pains. I cannot stress how much this has helped me. I work out all the time and bloating like that really bothered me, especially when I work so hard to stay in shape. I have also increased my water intake which I have read thins out your bile and makes it more effective.

Hope this helps someone out there.

i’m going to be copying and pasting this in a few diffrent forums so if you see it twice, I apologize : )”