I am suffering the same problems as all of these posts as well! I had my gall bladder out last summer and felt great until a bad bout with the flu in December. The pain under my ribs is so bad im not able to sleep at night as the pain worsens when im laying down. Im almost incontinent for several hours in the morning, and my ribs too have spread and i am so bloated. I haven’t seen the dr yet because before i had my gall bladder out I went through a year of tests and being told nothing is wrong until i as so debilitated with pain that i was rushed by ambulance for emergency surgery. I don’t want to go through that again! My complaint had my entire circle of family and friends thinking i was a big hypochondriac until i landed in the hospital! I dont know what to do now besides go back to the post galbladder surgery diet and see what happens. Finding these posts has brought me some comfort because i have done nothing but worry about the worst. I have heard that many post surgery patients develop dyverticulitus…more commen in Hispanics….which I am. If this helps anyone