“Its been about 6 years for me that Ive gotten my GallBladder removed….within the time there has been a whole lot going on for me and its so frustrating . I have extremely painful Gas, bowel movements anywhere from 3 to 4 times a day, seriously if I dont go to the restroom immediately it will literally come out on its own, yes embarrassing but Ive had my accidents. Its not so much like diarrhea but sometimes my stool is too soft like shreds and sometimes they look normal. I get this pain, and cramping in my stomach when I gotta go to the restroom.There are some other times , when in the middle of eating I start getting this really really sharp pain like on my rib area right under my breast area, and it is so painful that all I want to do is to lie down,it seems like the more food you put in your mouth the more that it hurts. When I lie down on my left side.The pain is only there for an amount of time but slowly goes away . This sharp pain does not happen all the time when I eat, just every once in a while it does. About that gas problem, seriously I have too much of it and it hurts all the time. I cant sleep next to a significant other cause Im so embarrassed about my gas problems,its like the 4th of July at times. When Im laying in bed especially on my left side, there is a whole lot of gas coming out of me.I feel bloated and swollen all the time. And there is no weight loss for me,even though I have all the different stools coming out of me every day. Im more obese . Is any one else out there understand me???? or is it just me???

Please let me know, Im tired of this already, it interrupts my personal life!

Is there a solution to my problem? I need Help”