I had my gallbladder out 10-24-07. I don’t recommend those surgical centers. I had my surgery at 8 am and by 10 am they sent me home. I was in the ER 3 times since then with a pain they can’t figure out. I’ve had an angio gram and my heart is fine. I had an endoscopic procedure because they thought my esophogus was spasming. It came back fine. I’ve had 2 cat scans. They came back fine. Finally my family doctor said I could be having phantom pain. He said not everyone bounces back after losing an organ. I lost 22 lbs. was afraid to eat because of the pain and full feeling. I also wasn’t sleeping more than 3 hrs. a night. My family dr. gave me a drug called Klonopin(in the valium family) I’m eating again and sleeping 8 hrs. If I have any pain I take a half one and a whole one at night to sleep. I’m starting to feel like my old self. You do feel alone when drs. run tests and tell you there’s nothing wrong, but you still have pain.