Hi I had mine taken out too, I had it out in 1998 and alot of stuff I eat makes me feel bloated and like someone is squeezing my intestines, and I burp and have gas. I can’t stand it. I noticed that when I eat anything with sunflower oil cottonseed oil any oil that’s not olive or canola bothers my stomach bad, I ended up in the ER several times thinking I was having a heart attack. When I eat anything high in fat I have that feeling of squeezing and feel bloated and have gas bad. I found taking gas x really helps and I take pepcid complete sometimes when I need it. Walking helps make the food go down faster I have found. I wish they could have done something else instead of taking it out !!!! I have diarrhea sometimes about 20 mins after I eat, it depends if it was high in fat. I guess your body has no way of fixing it, since the gall bladder is gone. Try starting off with bland foods, it really helps. I went to dr after dr and had the tube down my throat and up my butt, and all they did was give me prilosec which made it worse, and told me I was anxious, who wouldn’t be !!!! When you can’t eat anything without suffering. I even had a test where I ate a egg salad sandwhich with radiation and they said my food digests slow and didn’t tell me anything to do, so I started walking and I guess that gets it moving faster. I hope this helps you. I know what you are going through. I used to be up walking the floors literaly !!!! from the pain it was so bad, and it would last for hours. Does anyone feel like there is something under their left breast? I feel like there is something there and when I lay down sometimes I can’t stand to lay on that side, and I have to hold my breast up away from it for it to feel better.