I expected my symptoms to disappear. No luck. They never disappeared completely, although I would have periods where they would be better & other times when I would have flare-ups. The symptoms themselves were nearly identical to those that I’d had before the surgery. It was like having gallbladder attacks all over again. I also noticed that stress would set these attacks off. After more testing; stomach acid ph test, motility test, another 2 scopes, 3 cardiac stress tests, more bloodwork (all tests negative), and trials on Prilosec, Prevacid, Propulsid (what a horror that was!), Levsin, Bentyl, Donnatal, it was finally suggested that I might have a problem with Sphincter of Oddi. Apparently, this sphincter at the base of the common bile duct can malfunction either before or after gallbladder surgery & can create symptoms similar to those that we recognize as being related to gallbladder attacks. I only just recently began to research this conditon, called “biliary dyskinesia” or “Odditis”. My gastroenterologist recommended ERCP & sphincter manometry (a procedure in which the bile ducts are examined for stones,obstructions,and abnormal pressure in the ducts or sphincter is evaluated). Stones or obstructions may be removed, or a cut in the sphincter may be performed to help release pressure. Unfortunately, there are often nasty complications from this procedure (pancreatitis, mild or acute, as well as long-term complications that may actually make your conditon worse)& no promises that the procedure will even work to eliminate your symptoms. After reading about the risks & hearing about them from the doctor who was going to perform this procedure on me, as well as reading postings from people who’ve had it done (mostly negative), I chose NOT to have it. I will try diet (avoiding fats, chocolate, spicy foods, citrus, etc. to ease some of the GI symptoms and try to prevent sphincter/duct spasms) and medication (nitrates, anti-spasmodics, and calcium channel blockers have been shown to have some benefit), relaxtion techniques (stress has been shown to be a provacateur in this sydrome), aloe vera gel (2 oz. three time daily) to soothe the stomach, as well as any other techniques that I may come across that may be of benefit. I can tell you that this condition has exacerbated & relapsed (during which symptoms were fairly mild) for me over the past 5 years without any special treatment from me except for one: the Liver/Gallbladder Flush. If you’ve never heard of it, it is something that you might want to consider trying. I always found it to be of benefit in the past, especially before I had my gallbladder surgery (it really provided relief). It seems to clean out the liver & gallbladder & I often found stone-like masses (yellowish-green masses that often looked crystalline & had the consistency of candlewax) in the toilet on the morning after having completed it. Invariably, my pain around the liver area would disappear & my symptoms would subside for lengthy periods of time. I’ll post the procedure later for anyone who might be interested. For all I know, somebody else may have tried it and posted it already. In the meantime, good luck to all. I will record my own results in future, now that I know what I’m dealing with & have plotted a course of action.