“I had my gallbladder removed in Aug. of 2007.
Before having it removed, I was experiancing stomach pain and nausea simlar to what is described in previous post. After a Hyda-scan – I was told that my gb was no longer functioning and had to be removed.
However, since my surgery, the nausea and pain only increased. I have now been diagnosed with gastroperosis.
In the mist of all the post on this website I have seen a connection between both the surgery of GB and gastroperosis. Not sure which one is causing the other, but there definatley seems to be a connection.

I would advise strongly to read up on the effects of GB surgery. I have had several friends with stones that received immediate relief and now have a limited amount of side effects from the surgery. However, if your GB simply isn’t functioning properly – I would ask more questions.

Just please watch it carefully. Give yourself time to heal from the surgery, but don’t wait like I did before finding a Dr. that will help you out. I had to see several doctors (2 GI to be exact) before I found one that was willing to dig for answers. Your body knows when you dont’ feel well. The best lesson I have learned from this whole experiance is to listen to your body!!
Best of luck!