Hello everyone, (this story has a happy ending) my girlfriend was suffering from the exact same symptoms as all of you, sharp pain in right shoulder, burning pain under rib, numbness whole right side, the worst of the worst. I stayed by her the whole time and was like many of you who suffered by seeing our loved ones suffer. So I started to research, this was just before her first hida scan and after ct scans, blood work a milloion times, everyone saying she’s crazy. I figured out that this was something with her gallbladder. 2 days later doc says she has 3% bile pass. Before she can even see the surgeon and a little while after a plate of wheat pancacks, I have to take her to the e.r. After alot of crying and morphine, they take out her gallbladder. They released her that day and after eating some crackers, she goes right bAck into the same pain. So I did more reasearch and found the “ciliac” syndrome, it may be listed above, thank you very much if it is. Anyway, while she said eveything was throbbing I touched her gland under her right jaw and she cried even harder, that’s when I realized that she was having an alergic reaction. (I saw someone have a reaction to peanuts) I gave her 2 benadryl and after a few minutes she said the throbbing and dizziness has gone down. I Researched some more and found out about how glutens can over time, make your gallbladder shut down or get stones. I looked at the cracker box and sure enough, wheat. What happens is kids go to the doctor with all these symptoms and the doctors just come up with something and let you wither in pain for ages, while they go on eating food you would never know had gluten and no one makes a connection. After a while, the gallbladder goes and nothing happens. If you want to test yourself, then the next time you have an attack, feel your glands, if they’re swelled, then that’s probably your problem. I asked the surgeon about ciliac and he had no idea. once you put two and two together you’ll realize that many doctors and surgeons need a slap. I also realized that this affects women alot more than men. I hope this helps you because my reasearch saved my girlfriend from alot of heartache. Oh, we also talked to a girl who went through this and she gave us alot of advice, she said reading lables and just knowing what to look for will save your life.