“anybody have an urge sense of a law passing?
It sounds to me that none of us was informed by our Doctors all the disadvanges of living life without a gall bladder. All we hoped was everything will be same plus no more pain, a perfect life after our gall to be removed.

we all felt we were betrayed by our Doctors.

we all understand that the decision is ours, but we will make different decisions if all the consequences are made well known and reviewed before the surgery.

for those who have options to live life with a gall bladder and with some pain, we should stand up to have a law passed.

Any thoughts on that?

I had my gall bladder taken out last week and got home found this site and read every single post, I felt all of our irreversible pain, regret.

we at least can save some people’s pain dwon the road if we stand up now.”