My surgeon had not warned me about drinking avoiding alcohol. Well I drank a week after my surgery, and only had 2 beers before I had an attack. My pain was so bad and alarming that night that I went to the ER. They gave me a shot and put a heated blanket on my upper abdomen. I went to my surgeon the next week for a check up. I told him about my visit to the ER. He explained the cause of it to me a little. It is the sphincter of oddi that reacts to the alcohol. He said that this sphincter will spasm and shoot bile back up my chest and thats why it hurts so bad. He recommended that I not drink for 6 months and that if I have an attack that I use a heating pad. It has now been 2 years since my surgery and I still have these muscle spasms. I do not know what to do about them and they are quite annoying.