“I had my gallbladder removed 5 years ago now. I was 38 then and had had unexplained stomach pains since i was 12. I had always been told it was acid reflux. I couldn’t get my doctors over the years to do anything about it. I ended up driving my self to the hospital after a 8 hour attack and finally the er doc did a ultra sound and poof it was the gallbladder. I ended up getting it removed 2 days later, but what aggravated me was, they did a scope to see how bad it was, and told me i would have the simple surgery. I woke up with a big scar and a 2 week hospital stay they said i had a infection and that the gall bladder was so bad when they got in there it was falling apart and had 40 stones at least in it. I wasn’t told about a special diet, wasn’t told what i should do to get back to normal. I had to do some research.

It took me a month and a half after surgery to feel better, and that didn’t last but a couple months. I have a upset stomach 1/2 the time, doesn’t matter if i eat healthy or stuff i shouldn’t. I have diarrhea most of the time and maybe have a normal bowl movement 1 day a week if i am lucky.

This whole experience has made me distrust doctors. I may have gotten a bad one, but I have not been back to one since and plan never to go again to one. I still feel after 5 years i was butchered.

My advice is for anyone who has to have it out, get a second opinion, check out your surgeons background and make sure you know what your in for.”