“My gallbladder was removed only 5 weeks ago. While I had bloating and diarrhea for awhile, those too have passed, lol. But I have been feeling extreme stiffness / swelling in my wrist, fingers and now my feet. Fatigue is now an issue as well. And worst of all, there are so many people on different sites that are reporting these exact symptoms. It is disturbing given that everything I have been reading tries to point to arthiritus which I have never had nor does it run in my family. The arguments for auto-immune causality are just too convenient / vague to accept on face.

It makes me feel that while doctors / surgeons are quick to remove an organ they “”say”” is non-essential and can be eliminated just as an appendix, the fact is that medical science does not really know how it affects our bodies afterwards. They guess and treat symptoms hoping that one of them will work through trial and error. The older I get, the more I realize that medical “”science”” is more art than science.

I am going to try some of the vitamins / meds above / control fatty foods as I have little faith in what I am getting back from healthcare professionals. After that, I guess I am going to return to the medical science “”guessing”” game…”