I had my gallbladder removed at age 20 (4 years ago)…and it was NOT due to gallstones…it was because my gallbladder stopped functioning out of no where. pretty scary having organ failure at a young age. The doctor (who was incredibly pompus) told me there was nothing to be worried about in the long term and I didn’t need the gallbladder, and my diet could return to normal. I have been struggling with energy levels and bloating/constipation ever since. it is SO FRUSTRATING. Ive never eaten tons of junk food etc., and i have stuck to an organic fruit, veg, white meat, small amout of dairy (non fat milk and low fat cheese only) diet cutting out grains for majority of the time (exceptions on holidays, birthdays, etc) and i drink one day a week. my diegestion feels screwed up all the time and although i have been able to loose weight in the past, i have recently found it MUCH harder to do so. i started taking digestive enzymes once per day (usually before dinner) but that only seems to help sometimes. Just wondering if anyone on here has had a removal NOT due to gallstones and has had similar issues?????? I feel completely lied to by the doctors and regret their lack of care with post operative follow up and dietary suggestions.