And also annie, ask your husband surgeon this. Why do soooo many people that have that surgery, end up with GP.? He certantly cannot dispute the 1000’s of people that get GP right after this surgery. And, if its not the Vagus that was injured, then what is it? What causes GP especially right after this type of surgery?? It just seems.very.strange that GP happens after a surgery like a GB removal. According to my GI/ Motilty Dr., I should have had an open surgery because of the severe Adhesions from a prior stomach surgery that were found, plus I WAS considered obese. 2 huge factors dictating that the surgeon should have converted from LAP to an open.. Like I.had said previosly. These.docs have zero accountability for their carelessness, anddont give a sh#t about us as patients. Something is DRASTICALLY WRONG HERE, and we are the ones paying for it.