“sorry in advance for any typoes.. im on a laptop..and the keys have seen better days.

I am hoping i might be able to get some ideas here before they deccide to do some embarrising type of diagnostic test on me.. here is a bit of my history.. 3 weeks ago i had Gallbladder surgery.. i had an attack one time.. wierd thing is he said i was packed with Gallstones and full of infection.. but i only had pain one time? so i have the surgery.. they send me home the next day. day after im running a temp so back i go to the emergency room. im thinking they will give me antibiotics and send me home.. nope.. they hook me up..(after digging around for a vein. sigh) then make me drink this nasty stuff that tastes like chlorine.. a contrast they said for a cat scan.. had to drink 3 cups over 4 hours.. turns out i had double pnumonia.. and was one sick puppy.. they admit me.. and of course they get me on 2 different types of iv antibiotics and albuterol inhalation treatments. after my iv fails 4 times in 24 hours they hook me up to a picc line… i did get the runs after the surgery only after i drank that nasty stuff.. and that was the only reason.. so far since i got that out of my system.. i have a hard time going #2 its not a normal constipation.. its softer than normal.. but not too soft to be considered the runs..
i had an xray.. and another ccat scan and both show i am paccked full.. yet i have to well.. strain to start things going.. the only other time i had the runs was after the barrium i had to drink for the second cat scan.. and that lasted only 4 hours.. doc said my gut has sounds.. but for some reason.. its not telling my boddy to evacuate.. i have gone.. but only after i sit and push and sit.. sigh.. ive tried miralax.. didnot work.. is there anything i should be watching out for? btw.. its not pain pills. i have them.. but rarely take them.. and have not taken any yet since i got back from the hospital.. i dont feel mucch like eating. but i force myself to hopeing that it will get things going.. i even eat the fatty foods.. and raw oatmeal and milk that usually would get me going in hopes that things will get going…. and nothing.. im stumped.. on a side note.. not sure if it has anything to do with this problem of mine. but i have had 10 years ago.. 2 back surgeries. 4 ruptured disks… and they wanted to fuse but at time i said no.. i have bacck problems again.. and wondering. can anything be pinched that will cause the large intestine part to say.. im on vacation? anything else should i ask my docc. ideas i can toss thier way to get the old brain.. (and other things) going.. thanks all in advance.”