i had my gall bladder removed about a year ago at age 22, it just wasnt functioning, it would continue to contract and wouldnt release for HOURS causing extreme pain. After my surgery i felt better pain wise but i was just waiting for my energy level to increase. Well i still feel drained all the time, i have an extreme intolerence for alcohol, and no matter what i eat i feel as though my body is not absorbing any of the nutrients. I lost 12 lbs before my surgery due to the pain i would experience every time i ate. My family all said i looked so sickly at 5’7′ 113lbs. i looked forward to getting my energy back and regaining my healthy physique. But still to this day i am constantly plagued with fatigue, hard time concentrating, and constantly going to the bathroom. As a result i still havent put on a single pound and am still be told by family that i look ill. I have been into the doctors several times and they tell me this is all a normal part of recovery. I dont miss the pain one bit but i must say i miss my old lifestyle, so if you dont have to have it removed i would hold off as long as possible. for me its been an uphill battle both ways.