Thank you Thank you Thank you All of you wonderful people! I’ve telling people for years that my gallbladder surgery is what has led to my uncontrollable weight gain and no one especially doctors truly believe me. I had mine removed almost 14 years ago a month after my son was born. I had never been skinny but I was always in control when I chose to take control and lose weight. After the surgery I started gaining at such an alarming rate and I tried to eat perfectly and exercise and I just kept gaining. Within 5 years I was up 120 lbs. I finally got desperate (after a doctor actually said I had hand to mouth disease!!) and got some diet pills at the vitamin shop that contained ephedra. Well I felt fantastic because I was on SPEED! I walked, danced, yoga, tai bo all day long. I didn’t have an appetite and I sometimes couldn’t sleep so I’d walk a few miles in the middle of the night. I lost 100lbs over 2 years time. Then they took it off the market. I was so ANGRY! That was about 6 years ago and I have trained for 2 half marathons and walked 13.1 miles in each of them and I am a gardener so my job has my body working all the time. I eat loads of veggies and hardly any bad stuff. And I have gained 60lbs. back. I have asked countless doctors to help and they look at me like they expect me to binge on 5 hamburgers on the way home. They don’t have any respect for my problem. And now because of you I know I’m not alone. I am going to try bile salts and I’m going to take these messages to my doctor and shove them down her throat! Thanks!