I had my gallbladder out 6 years ago and I’m still having issues…..over and over and over. I’ve tried everything and am now suffering with my second bout with gastritis. I want a gallbladder replacement as well and I too, had polyps and was rushed into surgery. I take Zegrid everyday to keep the acid at bay and the gnawing burning pain between my ribs that radiates around to my back. I have bloating and lots of gas and when I get the gnawing pain I drink a DanActive and that seems to put out the fire for a while and releases some gas. Still can’t eat certain foods like onions, tomato, anything spicy. I also take Librax for stomach spasms when it’s really bad and my doctor recently added Carafate which coats the lining of your stomach and helps the food you eat not irritate your stomach. Some people just need more time than others to adjust then there are people like me who will never be the same. Good luck to you.