I am getting the same thing. I hade my gallbladder out Oct 15 2010. Since then after I eat fatty foods, ( which I am cutting down on) I get intense pain that starts in my mid abdomin, radiates to my back, and is severe I can not even talk or walk. In fact, I just spent an hour on my office floor in tears. I called my Doc for some answers. After reading things, I think it is from my liver because I am eating food that is too fatty and I dont have enough bile to break down the rest of the food, but let me tell you, this can not be normal. I can not live with this pain on and off forever. Sure I will cut out food that causes the pain, if thats what it is, but as I experiment I will have what I call a flare up. I read flaxseed oil can help, but when this pain starts theres no moving to the herb cabinet.