“Did the endoscopy or upper GI show any gastritis? Do you have a hiatal hernia? With such strong symptoms, I would have thought something would be found. What dosage of Nexium are you taking?? I just started taking Nexium (40mg) each morning and it seems to be helping. I have dropped the famototine (pepcid AC) which I was taking twice daily. I am hoping the stomach/chest pain/burning stop now. I too had my gall bladder removed last Feb 12. Seemed to cure my chronic indigestion, but these pains never went away. My endoscope did show gastritis and a hiatal hernia. I have been without nighttime pain for 5 nights now, but have continued to have daytime pain. So far today I am okay though…hoping Nexium is doing the trick.

If there is any doubt at all, have a cardiologist rule out heart issues. Heart problems can be as difficult to diagnose as digestive problems. Both can mimic the other. So be sure your heart is okay. ”