I had my gall bladder taken out when I was 18. Im 22 now and STILL have the problems I was having before. The final Gall bladder attack I had before I had mine out lasted for 9 hours! After I had the surgery I my belly button was finally starting to go down because it had been so swollen so of course like any 18 year old I played with my belly button, upon doing that I found 2 staples that his nurses had left in my belly button and by then the other staples had been out for almost 2 weeks! Even now 4 years later I still get severe attacks. This morning I had one so bad that it hurts to breath in, but whenever I go to the doctors and ER (which I’ve been to about 12 times since the surgery) They always say it’s some sort of “arthritis” that women get… Right….. Anyways I would definitely go have it checked out because maybe some doctors out there actually have some common sense.