I had my GB out via laparoscope when I was 18, and about 2 weeks after, I began experiencing symptoms similar to that of someone having a heart attack (severe chest/upper abdominal pain, pain between the shoulder blades, pain radiating down left arm, sweating, salivating, nausea). The surgeon just shrugged and said not to worry. Well, this still happens (12 years later) usually once every 6 weeks or so. It comes on suddenly, without warning, and disappears just as suddenly. The “episode” usually lasts about 20 minutes but has, in a few terrible cases, lasted for 12 hours. I have found no triggers for this, and the only thing that helps to bring relief is to lie down on my side (I have been known to lie down on airplanes, on the floor at work, in my car, etc..) It is the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced, and I’ve given birth twice. I have since consulted numerous doctors, and they say, based on my symptoms, that I am experiencing esophageal spasms. I know that something they did during my GB surgery caused this.