“Hi, I’m 18 and had my gallbladder removed 3 months ago through a laproscopic cholecystectomy (spelling is most probably incorrect). The week afterwards I had no problems, I was on a low-fat diet but still ate dairy and red-meat etc. just small meals and nothing high in fat. However, the week after that I strangely felt as though i was having a gallbladder attack – the pain resembled that anyway. Symptoms included: painful nausea, back pain, queasiness, loose bowel movements but not diarroea and the upper abdominal pain/nausea hit climax at night – ALL through the night which meant tossing and turning. The morning isn’t fun either.
I thought it would pass but after two nights of unbearable pain I ended up in ER getting tested for various things. They gave me some pain relief and said to come in for an ultrasound the following day to determine if I had any stones caught in ducts or a bile leak. The ultrasound found everything as normal but I still felt substantial pain! A few days later I met with my surgeon who said i could just be ‘adjusting’ as he claimed during surgery they checked my ducts for any stones. Luckily, this pain and other symptoms passed, that time. So I agreed with him, it must have just being my body adjusting. However, it’s now 3 months later and I’m experiencing the same ‘relapse’! It’s unbearable and I’ve seen my GP who sent me for another ultrasound to check for any problems but that was this morning and the ultrasound was fine. Since my first relapse ended I’ve been on a normal diet as I found I could tolerate all foods – high fat and high fibre. However, now I’m wondering if I can’t handle them all of a sudden ? Is it possible to suddenly have an intolerance eventhough it was fine for the past 3 months ? My doctor suggested a CT scan if I’m still worried – I don’t know what to do because I don’t really want any uneccessary harmful damage fro mthe scan.
Any similar experiences ? Any advice ? Both would be greatly appreciated.