“I had my gallbladder removed when I was 25 years old (10 years ago). I had stones in my gall bladder and my bile duct so had two separate surgeries.

I was meant to go for keyhold surgery but ended up with a huge 12cm scar across the bottom of my ribs (apparently my gall bladder was so infected it was hard to remove by keyhole – sure …..). But I still wear a bikini, it is my reminder of how bad I treated my body in the past.

I am angry at myself for not listening to my body around 20 years old when I had my first gall bladder attack, not knowing what the attack was I ignored it then it didn’t happen again for another year or so, but then it got more frequent, then unbearable attacks.

I wish I could tell teenagers/adults my story, don’t drink and don’t eat lots of fast foods because it does catch up on you. Until late teens I was very active outdoors and happy, then partied hard in my late teens/early 20’s and not eating well and not resting enough and definitely not exercising enough.

After my gall bladder removal I definitely felt a lot of relief internally but have struggled to keep my weight down and has taken quite a few years to find out what works better for me.

I recommend to anyone who has gall bladder removal – it happens for a reason, your body isn’t being treated properly! So – exercise, do relaxation, eat more veggies and fruit and protein, less dairy and definitely no fats and minimize alcohol, your body it telling you something! I think there is no excuse that you feel bloated and putting on weight, I have lived it and know that you can put on weight easily so just look after your body, it is a gift.

I get a sore/tired feeling where my liver is (under the right ribs) when I am needing some rest or not eating properly/stressed! I find that is my sign to slow down (I have 2 young boys!) and remember to look after myself because it just gets worse and worse and I can catch any bugs going around or get cranky easier.

I hope my story helps someone! :-D”