I had my gallbladder removed back in 1980. They did not have gallbladder surgery using the scope then. My scar (since they also removed my appendix) is very large and long. Since then I have had liver issues. They once did a biopsy of my liver, when they went in they saw that I had a large amount of scar tissue attached to my liver. They introduced air into my belly and the surgeon worked for quite a while to unattach my liver from the scar tissue. Since then my liver enzymes have been normal. I do not think it matters how long it has been and how big the scar is, you could have scar tissue. A friend of mine has had stomach pain and intestinal pain for many years and they have been unable to find out what is the matter with him. They even gave him a morphine pump to deal with the pain. Very severe pain. Well, they just performed exploratory surgery on him and also found a very large amount of scar tissue in the area of his scar, from when he had his appendix removed.