“No you are not crazy nor alone,, I too had mine out in Feb 2004 and Ill never be the same again. like you I had to have mine out or I would have died shortly .. very infected my injection refractory was 3% and it was really HUGE like 7 in long … plus we had no health insurance and here in Texas took 90 days to finds someone willing to help me.. I have classic post-cholecystectomy syndrome in all it’s incarnations.. Cant have much more than a liquid diet . although I will occasionaly eat but I am bloated in right side pain , will have shortness of breath,full belly after two bites etc ,,etc,, plus lots of abdominal adheasions ( scar tissue ) I have had many surgeries to fix duct work, take out scar tissue off the liver and other places ,,my right side of my back hurts constantly,, CANNOT sleep on my right side at all period ,very VERY tired all the time . I am 46 had 6 kids am usually about 135 at 5’7 ,, I am about that now but have a very hard time just living each day .

It affects us all differently but I do wish the Dr’s would acknowledge post-cholecystectomy syndrome and not dismiss us . Not that they can cure it because it comes in so many ways but that they could maybe help us manage it somewhat ..

I had the lap procedure which I am now understanding shouldnt have been done on someone as sick as I was that it can make post-cholecystectomy syndrome worse. ”