I had my gall bladder out about 8 years ago. I had a lot of digestive heartburn, but not diarhea. I just read under another message for IBS that Slippery Elm Bark helped her (from health food store) and she had that problem all her life. But she said if you are on other medication, you should check with your doctor first. I found that will gall bladder removal, everyone’s symptoms afterwards are different. I have to not eat many raw vegetables, but can even eat coleslaw if I just eat a little bit and it is finely shredded (I love coleslaw). I am on Nexium which helps a lot! It is the best one for my chemistry I have been on. I don’t like to be on medicine, but I found I would be limited to basically a bland diet if I don’t take it. Hope this helps! And don’t overeat anything–it will make you miserable! I did gain weight and am battling to take that off now with diet and exercise–which I have always done, but have to be much stricter now because much harder to lose any weight. Of course, I just turned 50, so that may be why, also.