it sounds like we are having the same type of thing. From all the research I have done, and the non (or small) response to PPIs, antacids, etc, I am inclined to believe that it is bile or a combo of bile and acid. I had an endoscopy about a month before my GB surgery, and it was totally clean. No H. pylori, no esophagitis, no ulcers, etc. During the surgery, it was found that my GB was necrotic and infected (gross…) and that I had three 2cm stones. I have been doing some searches on bile reflux and it seems like the only “cure” is medication and/or surgery. Lifestyle and diet changes seem to have minimal effects. I am a vegetarian, so I think my diet is pretty low fat already (in response to the other post), but I am going to try to reduce the fat even more. So far, it’s been about 1 week on Prevacid, and it’s gotten a little better, but still not 100% gone. I agree that I just want something to get rid of the horrible symptoms. The feeling of something stuck in my throat is really distracting and sometimes really painful. At this point, if surgery is an option, I’m willing to do it because I really feel like I will never be “normal” again without doing something!