“My name is Shirley, I had my gallbladder removed when I was 20 it had apparently for no reason stopped working, it was only working at 2%, I am now turning 30.. The pain has never stopped for me.. I get the very bad hunger pain in the morning mixed with nausea if i cant get to the fridge on time, sometimes i dont even make it through the night, and the same distressing pain if I over eat.. The pain is extremely dibilitating,the only way i can describe it is like the most terrible charlie horse in my diaphram..cant breathe, or answer questions..(people unfamiliar with this pain want to ask a million questions while youre in this pain..) when it comes on if i’m driving I have to pull my car over and pretty much wait it out..I literally have to keep food circulating in my stomach about every four hours or so.I don’t take the trips to the er anymore but i used to ..It is certainly very scary and confusing since there seems to be no doctor who can answer my questions.and i have even had doctors tell me its psychosomatic..not sure if i spelled that right but it basically means im causing the pain myself because they havent found the cause… it is oddly comforting to know i am not alone however it sickens me to hear of SO MANY people with these issues. I had no idea and stumbled on here by accident actually.