I had my gallbladder removed in 2000 after an unknown pain from that area had doctors stumped and they saw an enlargement of my gallbladder, so figured it had to come out. After the removal, I TOO had more severe pain in that area and still do ’till this day. I don’t have the pain all time but it come in the form of attacks that can be so severe that I find myself aimlessly pacing and unable to breath without gasping from the severity of it. I used to try to feed the pain and put something in my stomach, like bread, but found a large glass of water can actually curb it; SOMETIMES. I don’t have any medical insurance so I eventually prescribed myself Prilosec OTC and have had good results with that. There are unpleasant things about taking Prilosec over the long term but it keeps the attacks down for the most part. I still have the occasional attack and DO relate the attacks to what’s on my diet. There are trigger foods, including greasy things, but only if I consume them in large quantities. Anything with large amounts of citrus can trigger an attack. Sometimes an empty stomach can trigger an attack if left too long. It’s a very frustating disorder and wish that someone had a cure for it; even a name for it would be good.