had looked up medical websites about after effects of gallbladder removal…so I knew about the dumping symptom; rapid trips to bathroom; gas…what I still don’t understand is the weakness and fatigue that gets so bad I feel I could pass out…IF I don’t take blue green algae and an all-food type iron pill. I’m definately going to try digestive enzymes. The surgeon never forwarned me about any after affects, except that I could die in surgery…that was, just, so nice of him…I’ve had three kids, so labor was pretty darned awful, but the gallbladder attack I experienced would’ve made me kill my husband had I not been writhing and throwing up on the way to ER. It is hell, period. So, feeling 100% better after surgery, except for expected surgical pain and recovery…was not ready for (dum dum dummmmm….deer in headlights – OMG – get to toilet now syndrome. I was frightened by the bile (orangey) colored, watery waterfall of WTF on occasion. It’s like anything else in life…we learn to live around it…I take pepto pink pills when I go out on occastion. Like I said, the only thing that worries me is the feeling I might pass out or die from weakness…when I don’t take algae and iron. I honestly don’t think nutrients are getting into my system. This site at first was eye-opening and then comforting and pretty hysterical. For those suffering…if it scares you – see your Doctor, but if your symptoms match all of ours, well, take comfort in that you’re not alone and an infected and enlarged gallbladder will bring death. Don’t wait. Gallbladder pain won’t go away until it’s out…it may come and go, but it will get worse…and it’s very dangerous (according to my surgeon – you know, the “you could die” DR.) – See more at: http://www.poopreport.com/Techniques/food_for_toilet.html?page=2#sthash.gcGWorFd.dpuf